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Is she dead? Is she alive? Is she in danger? Or is she dangerous?

Police Report: Dead body found in desert. Mutulated female. Death by                                                                                asphyxiation. El Dorado Ranch. No known suspects.

When Annie Scott finds a body, she makes a police call to report it and who should answer but Luis Rodriguez Garcia whom she met recently at a house party. But he's not the only man in her life. After losing her husband two years earlier and vowing not to be involved again, she has met three eligible males around her age, in addition to Luis. Is one of them a murderer?
The man calls himself "The Artist." He is collecting squares of skin from the breasts of the women he kills, and he is creating a mosaic. He's not sure whose face he is creating, but he is obsessed by the need to do it. There is something about Annie Scott, something intriguing. Will she be one of his donors? And why is her face so familiar?
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"I get engrossed in a good book--last one was 'DaVinci Code.' 'Mosaic' has me engrossed and captivated."
              A reader
"I loved your book. Couldn't stop reading it until I finished."  A reader
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